Sunday, August 30, 2009

16 Reasons Why Some Companies Refrain From Social Media Adoption

With all the euphoria around social networks and their use by business, Why is there such hesitancy for a full embrace?

1. Potential to damage the company’s reputation
2. Executives Simply DO NOT KNOW enough about it.
3. Perception of social media foolish life-streaming without value.
4. No One Left on Marketing Team to Monitor - (Maybe CEO should)
5. Current Organizational Structure Ill-Suited to Maintain
6. Customers do not really use it at all.
7. No guaranteed results ( No one to really to blame on if it fails)
8. Tools for measurement are still immature.
9. Lose of Control over Brand. (Actually that is happening anyway!)
10.Fear of Making Mistakes. (Preventative health is better than curative)
11.Unwilling to be transparent. (Now that is the truth!)
12. No Money. (Use social currency, invest, and trade)
13. Ignorance. (That was a reasonable excuse in 2008 not now)
14. Confusion. (Paradigm shifts are notable for large amounts of confusion)
15. Expertise. (There are no experts. We are all learning together)
16. Too New. (Who knew?)


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