Monday, February 15, 2010

Social Commerce: Needs Integrated Platforms

As information sharing and socialization converge on the Web, it has become increasingly important that software development should focus on creating intuitive platforms that connect an individual's interaction needs with the world around him. By bridging the gap between social consciousness, transactions and socialization, the next-generation social media platform needs to incorporate three key components: social responsibility, eCommerce and communication.

Charities As we have seen during the Haiti Earthquake relief, social responsibility is top priorities for all brands, from celebrities to multi-national corporations. Despite the effectiveness of fundraising efforts, there has always been a distance between the message and the medium. By providing a platform where individuals of influence and celebrities can leverage their influence to generate donations instantly, without changing sites, fundraising efforts stand to mobilize more donations.

By eliminating extra steps, the platform should deliver both the content and the means to participate in charity events.

eCommerce Have you ever purchased anything directly through a social media site? Probably not. Social media sites have created a chasm between interest and transaction that has not been crossed in one application. By reducing the distance between consumers and purchase, companies stand to generate more sales on an integrated platform. Add a layer of security and bank account information protection to it, and you have an easy-to-use transaction system that makes spending simpler, immediate and safer.

A new platform needs to integrate online commerce with the user-experience so that content creators and retailers can have more direct access to consumers.

Communication The next best thing to having a person next to you is being able to see them, hear them and interact with them in real time. Web video streaming and VoIP need to be first-class citizens in the feature set. So does the instant sharing of thoughts, media, insights and content. A converged platform where mobile, Web and you intersect is paramount. Also, privacy must be a top concern and efforts to keep out unwanted wandering eyes must supersede all others.

Interaction must be instantaneous and protected. The next-generation social network must focus on the individual, not the worth of their content. I want to thank Ivan Pena for his contributions to this blogpost.


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