Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving from a Transaction Mindset to a Relationship Mindset

Most corporations, large and small, have increasingly focused on short-lived transactions as the way to generate profit – buy low, sell high and wherever possible squeeze partners in transactions to generate as much profit as possible over the shortest possible time frame. It is a hunter mentality, predatory and aggressive. One of the "Big Shift" views promoted by thought leaders such as John Hagel is that growing access to real time knowledge flows, are proving that the transactional mindset undermines the demand for greater trust and transparency. And in the absence of those relationships it becomes almost impossible to effectively participate in the knowledge flows that can influence a consumer, a community, and drive a purchase. As I continue to work with clients, I make it a point to emphasize that our primary responsibility in business is to operate as a "trust-agent", and trust drives attention, and attention from social networks drive influence, and influence demands even greater trust. Stay with these principles, and prosper.


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