Monday, September 5, 2011

Luxury and Sustainability - Trending into a Movement

The greatest cultural shift of the 21st century is the growing awareness by consumers on the impact of what we buy has on the well being of the planet. Luxury brands and the celebrities whom endorse their products are beginning to lead the way. As luxury brands become more accessible to a broader aspirational customer base, luxury and sustainability will become close friends, adding value from placing greater emphasis on social and environmental excellence. The paradigm shift in what we associate with style and success, is moving quickly to incorporate "awareness" to social issues and sustainability practices.
Profits must be optimized inclusive of these shifts, not simply maximized for short term gain. The math must change in how companies calculate earning a "profit". Luxury brands are in a enviable position in that they attract the attention of so many,
those affluent to buy their products, and many more who hope to. Their influence is undeniable. The recent report entitled
"Deeper Luxury" sponsored by the offers an insightful study on the trends underway. In fact, it is no longer
a trend, its a movement.


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