Sunday, April 19, 2009

Social Media - Director of Community - The Job

Here is the first of several job descriptions which I have prepared to assist clients recruit and identify the leadership to manage social web and networking responsibilities in-house:

As Director of Community, you will act as:

1. A community evangelist within the company by actively seeking feedback from our userbase and managing customer support. You will work closely with all departments of the company as a representative of our diverse community.
2. A brand ambassador on behalf of the Company engaging with users and potential users. You will create and manage creative community-driven marketing campaigns online and off.

List of Duties:
•Manage customer support team
•Create and manage customer support & community moderation procedures
•Help define the voice of the brand by writing copy and interacting with users
•Manage Community Guidelines and Establish "Best Practices" for social web activities
•Identify, support and encourage leaders within the Company and its staff.
•Represent the Company and its community at conferences and events
•Identify key topics relevant to the brand, and manage the publishing and sharing of content through social media like Twitter, Facebook and blogs
•Create and manage innovative community-driven marketing campaigns (online and off)
•Interact with bloggers and traditional press
•Work with partner organizations and public events to introduce the Company to new users

Required Skills:
•Communication, writing
•Online customer support
•Online forum/social network moderation
•Social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, RSS, blogs, etc.)
•Project management

Additional Expertise a Plus:
•Experience in marketing
•Event production/coordination a plus
•Experience with technology development process in startup environment
•Public speaking
•Technical knowledge pertaining to social web sites and software


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