Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Shift from Capital to Talent

Despite what you might think given the current job market, the most pressing critical factor influencing success in business is shifting from capital to talent. Companies are doing their downsizing and the remaining staff are multi-tasking, strained, and in many cases, constrained. This is not good for everyone, the undereducated and those whose talents are not now in demand are losing ground.
But there is a bright side. Employers are confronting the realization that their most talented employees, are showing up with an ethical agenda. Employees who can easily find work elsewhere are refusing to work on projects or for companies that offend their values, even with the potential to be well paid to do so. I am confident that this trend will accelerate, as the economy stabilizes. Observe talented team leaders taking a stand for sustainability when choosing their careers. Watch closely as investors and shareholders in public companies make their investment decisions with the conviction that companies dedicated to sustainability as a core value, offer the best ROI because it it those companies whom will attract the best talent.
As social web interlinkage expands, and commerce becomes driven by connectivity to content, ideals, trust, and sustainability will become a competitive advantage. Counter to what traditional media may report, talented people are making sustainable career choices in increasing numbers and this will grow as social web platforms enable ambient intimacy between groups of people with shared interests. Stay tuned as we look at this trend on the future of retailing...and shopping in a Web3.0 eco-system.


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