Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Attributes for Digital Engagement

Reading Minds
Marketers increasingly use web analytics and measurement tools for predictive inference of what you and I may be "seeking" in order to serve relevant messages - guided by a complex web of search terms.
24-7 Connectivity
As we become effectively "plugged in" marketers will advance more messages more frequently and consumers will seek applications to protect and prevent unwanted interference more efficiently. Passwords give way to advances in authenticity, and protection of identity.
Property Exchanges
Watch as a greater number of individuals join in the online exchange of goods and services. Micro-marketplaces develop as the connectivity deepens and segmentation becomes more focused.
Social Exchanges
Social networks stimulate individuals to express themselves, create identities, share values, and build social currency credits. A marketplace of communities develop around a new set of "trust" rules. Marketers become sponsors if invited as participants.
Cultural Exchanges
Artists, Designers, and Performers channel creativity, and produce content in smaller bites, shorter works, responding to networked "communities" and the dilution and ultimate demise of traditional distribution channels, Watch a global renaissance in consumption of art and culture. The margin between being famous and the rest of us becomes less so.
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