Sunday, December 20, 2009

Emergence of the Ambient Stream

If you want to know how to fully grasp the depth and impact of social networks, begin visualizing the flow of information as an "ambient stream" made of many digital signals and work harder in 2010 to self-curate the way in which you personalize the ambient stream to keep yourself informed, enriched, and motivated.

When trying to understand the prospect of a building a personalized "ambient stream" here are a four key building blocks which thought leaders like Edo Siegal are suggesting as
as well:

1. Realtime Web
(Twitter, news flows, world events, and other topics/content

2. Published Information (sites, blogs, Wikipedia, etc.)

3. Geolocation Data (your location and information layers related to it.

4. Social Communications (social graph updates, IMs, emails, text messages,

The first generation experiences in "ambient streams" have been well illustrated and executed with Google Reader where you list favorite content through an RSS feed,much
like a content tributory, it all flows...As we begin to adjust our mindset to viewing information as a flow, and digital signals as patterns, our ability to "curate" improves, we can maximize the benefits of "realtime" news, and insure that important content is archived for a deeper view at a later date.


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