Saturday, April 24, 2010

I-Pad is A Game-Changer for Retailers:

One of the over-looked consequences of the I-Pad will be the impact on retail and e-commerce. I-Pad's digital dashboard, and mobility will enable retailers to make their dreams come true: Driving entertaining and informative content about their products in direct "engagement" with viewers - Viewers who may be existing customers, or potential new prospects. The merchandising of the I-Pad will motivate merchants to tap into digital technology in new and innovative ways.

Here are just a few ways that the I-Pad will be used at retail:

Catalogs: - Online version of print catalogs with embedded video and "browsing" incentives.

Personalization: - Product customization where customers will access and easily view an archive of fabrics, colors, and finishes, which will generate an increase in "special orders" helping retailers to manage inventory, without compromise to customer service.

Store Sales Support: Imagine the benefits for a store associate with access to product and customer data, and reviews, enhancing the ability to transact successfully away from the traditional register check-out.

Registries: The I-Pad will enable customers to register across broader categories and depth of inventory.

Testimonial Reviews: Customers will view online catalogs and e-commerce sites while connected to their Facebook community, ask for advice, and receive real-time testimonials from their "friends".

Story Selling: The I-Pad will enable a great number of artisan workshops, third world cooperatives, and makers with limited production to reach their customers and share the stories which make their products compelling. Social commerce will thrive on the I-Pad encouraging the further dis-intermediation of traditional distribution channels.


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