Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slow Fashion is the New Luxury

Slow Fashion is not a trend, its a movement and clearly emerging to be the couture end of the Eco Fashion paradigm, or what the London scene has dubbed Ethical Fashion. Yet for an increasing number of women who love luxury fashion but experiencing personal growth in self-social awareness, the association with "luxury" fashion is becoming awkward. Its actually funny to realize that the word "luxury" may be facing an "image" problem. Perhaps, "Slow" offers an alternative, without compromise to value. The shopper of Slow Fashion is required to make an investment in quality, and longevity. These are garments which are pre-destined to have a second and third life, feeding the future of vintage. Lets remember that artisans represent the roots of how many international luxury fashion brands were birthed. Cobblers, Saddle Makers, and Tailors. Small shops, personal service, pride in local production, and greater appreciation for co-workers and their families. Most designers, practicing Slow Fashion, are celebrating transparency, and story telling is part of the sexy appeal; where inspirations, materials, and techniques of fabrication are respected, and shared. What better way to inform and educate a new generation of eco-conscious shoppers? Imagine the convergence as Fast Fashion brands move from material throw-away, and embrace material re-use. A fashion closet with precious touches of Slow in between a wide assortment of Fast. All doing good in a global industry of immense impact. Stay tuned here as this conversation continues. Meanwhile, lets get to work.


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