Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Power of Social Media

Chris Brogan makes a good point recently when he reminds us that "we have inexpensive tools for production and distribution of media, and that these tools permit a whole new era of gatejumping, where we can build awareness, reputation, and trust into a whole new path by which to build relationships. That’s the secret."

2009 is a year for inspiration and action...As I often mention to my clients, associates, and friends..."The Conversation Begins Now". The real work ahead is in doing the work, practicing the craft each, day, and in applying the tools to achieve the objectives each and every business has, mobilizing their staff to carry out a mission, deliver on a value proposition that is relevant, maintain a high level of service, keep prices competitive and be in "action" mode...not planning mode.Planning is doing....thats my mantra...for the balance of the year. I say lets get to work...and I am ready to help!


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