Saturday, March 21, 2009

Social Media Strategy - Doing the Work

During the past six months, I have been conducting tutorials on social media for a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and close associates in order to develop an approach for the design, and implementation of an impactful social media strategy. I was right. Sitting down, one on one, helping smart people become better informed to the social media landscape,doing a walk-thru of Twitter and other tools, has proven invaluable. Sharing the value proposition, interacting, and simply "listening" to each question, providing answers, has helped me illustrate a key mantra for long-term success: the importance of establishing "trust".

Here is a distillation of how I am now working with clients:


embrace the art of listening
participate in the conversation
share value and inform
attention is scarce - more valuable than cash
focus on the Return of Influence - the new ROI
we are going to constantly all learn together

Social media is a sustainable process not an event. It is less about the numbers, than it is the quality of the associations and the interactions you have with customers, members, and fans.


transparency, authenticity, trust.

Depending on the size of the enterprise, we then focus on creating a primary
set of goals or "Calls to Action" - These goals can then be measured against
a set of tasks implemented in a thoughtful set of stages. Social media becomes more effective when implemented in phases, allowing time for evaluation,measurement, and insuring a positive rhythm and flow for the organization and essential for success.

For more information on what we are learning, or to engage in a tutorial,
simply reach out and be in touch.

Stay tuned for consistent updates and reporting from the field...


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